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Skyplanner APS has a bunch of neat features to help you maximise your production’s efficiency. Optimize every production step with ease and adapt to changes instantly.

SkyPlanner APS - Production planning and scheduling view
SkyPlanner APS - Production planning and scheduling view

Arcturus AI in the spotlight

The built-in AI feature suggests the most efficient schedule for each work station. You can assign priorities and other instructions for Arcturus to take into consideration, giving the production planner total control.

Smart planning

Arcturus AI schedules all tasks in the most reasonable and efficient order – upon your request.

Operate efficiently

Arcturus AI avoids unnecessary bottle necks to optimize your facility’s production flow.

Unexpected changes

In case of an unexpected change Arcturus AI is capable to create a new production plan in seconds.

Production data

Arcturus AI imports all necessary production data from your ERP system using an integration.

Features to enhance workflows

Work queues in production are extremely important. When your work queue is in a reasonable order, production flows effortlessly and you encounter fewer problems. Changes and surprises are common in manufacturing – and SkyPlanner has the answers.

Visual production planning

A clear view is an important tool in managing production. You will see the complete plan at a glance all the way to the delivery phase on SkyPlanner’s timeline. SkyPlanner’s timeline acts as a command center for the factory where you can easily follow the past, the present and the future. You can always see relevant information on the timeline based on your needs. You can also easily guide the AI straight from the timeline.

Production chains in multiple facilities

With Skyplanner you can fine load phase chains to other facilities within the organization or to subcontractors. This way you can plan and organize the complete production process without limitations.

Shift planning and resourcing

Plan shifts in an intuitive calendar view and automate shift planning using rules for re-occuring shifts. Shift planning allows you to manage capacity and resources easier and balance supply and demand. In order to optimize the use of capacity we need to know our capacity, and now it’s easier than ever.

Time logging in real time

Production staff are able to log time to tasks on desktop, tablet or phone. The time logging feature is easy to use and does not require any special skills from the user. Your staff can also log time to multiple tasks at the same time if they need to. And as the timer is running you can see time being logged on the GANTT timeline to have a real-time view on how tasks are progressing. Time logs will be taken to your ERP software through integration to ensure that your ERP data is always up to date.

Simulation of material scenarios

Arcturus AI simulates material scenarios to all upcoming points in time and therefore knows future inventory. The AI also knows to schedule tasks to be started when all required materials are available based on the simulation. If your inventory changes the AI will adjust production plans accordingly. This feature saves a lot of time and helps you react the right way to even surprising material problems.

Simulation of sales prospects

Your sales team is able to accurately predict realistic delivery dates for potential new orders. As a result your clients receive more accurate information and your reliability of delivery increases. New orders can be fine loaded as “ghost orders” that are treated as real orders in your production plans. By simulating sales prospects the collaboration and communication between sales and production grows stronger.

Accurate capacity management

In order to optimize utilization of capacity you must first know your capacity. The management of capacity and unexpected situations is now easier than ever. SkyPlanner APS comes with versatile capacity and scheduling management tools. With those tools you can also manage overtime, machine malfunctions and sick leaves. In addition to the numerical capacities you will also stay on track with capacity times. This is incredibly important when it comes to planning the correct phase order of tasks.

Request a meeting to see SkyPlanner APS in action

Request a meeting to see SkyPlanner APS in action

Companies and their processes are never a carbon copy of each other, and they shouldn’t be. That’s why SkyPlanner APS has endless customisation possibilities. Request a meeting to see how SkyPlanner APS would work specifically for your company.

SkyPlanner APS - Request a meeting to see SkyPlanner in action

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Signs that your company would benefit from an APS software

SkyPlanner APS offers a wide range of solutions to many of the issues that production planners face when creating a production schedule.

Majority of production resources are not in use

Missed deadlines and low on-time delivery

Capacity changes and material issues

Hard to manage the complete production chain