Tutorial videos

Explore the diverse features of SkyPlanner through our tutorial videos. SkyPlanner is easy to learn and use. You can try SkyPlanner for free for 2 weeks in your own production!

Mastering you production scheduling

This video will show you SkyPlanner’s APS software features like creating an order, rescheduling with AI in mere second with the king button and more.

Production Scheduling with AI and GANTT-timeline

Learn to set up and coordinate workstations with AI in SkyPlanner! Focus on capacity management, plan shifts, and handle maintenance easily.

Production Machine Maintenance – How to Schedule your Production!

Learn how to give a client’s production priority when it clashes with other orders using Dynamic Priorities in this video tutorial and effectively visualize its effects on your GANTT timeline!

Creating a New Product and Its Process Steps

Welcome to our Skyplanner Channel! In this video, we will tell you how to add a product, its process steps, and how to use some special Skyplanner features to enhance efficiency and cut costs. Perfect for manufacturing optimization.

Create a New Order and Schedule it into a Production Plan

Learn to add orders, manage items & send to production with SkyPlanner. Optimize scheduling using AI.

Customer Management – How to Prioritize your Customers!

Learn to add customers and set client priorities within your GANTT timeline. This quick guide shows you how to efficiently input new customer details and adjust their priority levels for optimized production scheduling.

Workstation Management and Default Shifts

Learn to set up and coordinate workstations with AI in SkyPlanner! Focus on capacity management, plan shifts, and handle maintenance easily.

Direct your workforce and capacities

In this tutorial, you will learn to effortlessly add users and set roles with SkyPlanner, streamlining the scheduling process.

Logging time from start to completion

Effortlessly manage tasks across devices with our production timer feature. Start, pause, or complete tasks in real-time to boost teamwork and efficiency.

Save time and reduce costs

Save time, resources & cut costs with SkyPlanner’s assembly job feature for optimal production scheduling.

Overcome tight deadlines

Discover how to efficiently add overtime shifts in SkyPlanner with our step-by-step tutorial. From navigating to Resources and Shift Scheduling to selecting personnel and setting new hours, we cover essential processes to enhance your production scheduling.

Keeping your inventory organized

Simplify material management with SkyPlanner! Learn to track, manage, and purchase materials efficiently. Dive into smart buying decisions for your projects.

Adding subproducts and sub-items

Learn to manage subproducts in SkyPlanner! Ensure a perfect fit for efficient production.

How to unschedule orders

Learn how to efficiently unschedule an order in SkyPlanner’s GANTT Timeline.

Reduce waste and boost efficiency

In this tutorial, see how to adapt SkyPlanner for Just in Time Manufacturing with ‘Default Scheduling Direction Forward’ to boost efficiency.

Safeguarding scheduled tasks

In this video, we’ll explore how to utilize SkyPlanner’s Running Time Lock feature to enforce a ‘Fixed Schedule Production Plan’

How to add a note to a process step

Learn how to add a note to a process step in SkyPlanner. Notes serve as brief messages, enhancing clarity on work events

Request a meeting to see SkyPlanner APS in action

Request a meeting to see SkyPlanner APS in action

Companies and their processes are never a carbon copy of each other and shouldn’t be. That’s why SkyPlanner APS has endless customization possibilities. Request a meeting to see how SkyPlanner APS would work specifically for your company.

SkyPlanner APS - Request a meeting to see SkyPlanner in action