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Expand your offering to your customers and grow your business with SkyPlanner. We are looking for software manufacturers, software vendors, production consultants, production machine manufacturers, and integrators around the world to help companies transform their production planning. So become our partner, and let’s design a profitable and comfortable cooperation model for all parties involved.

SkyPlanner APS - Production planning and scheduling view

How SkyPlanner helps your customers

Production planning and scheduling with AI
Capacity management and shift planning
Time stamping of work steps
Work reporting
Material procurement simulations
Production prioritization
Scheduling of sales prospects
Supply chain optimization
Comprehensive and modern API interfaces for integrations

Various examples of collaboration models

ERP and MES vendors

ERP and MES vendors, as well as other software companies

With our help, you can get modern production planning with AI in your ERP or MES system, then license SkyPlanner functionality into your software. SkyPlanner can be integrated into your software. You can offer your customers advanced AI technology your competitors don’t have. Your software will evolve fast as you can incorporate advanced technology. SkyPlanner has modern and extensive interfaces that allow it to be integrated into your software and work as an integral part. We can build the complete integration, or you can do it yourself.

Together, we will design a partnership that fits your business and is cost-effective for all parties involved. Appearances and technical aspects can also be agreed upon. We are a flexible partner and understand your business needs. We are a pleasure to work with as a team and easy to decide on. Contact us, and let’s talk more about working together!

Software vendors and production consultants

Do you want to provide your industrial customers with the latest technology in production planning? Then, start offering SkyPlanner to your customers. At the same time, you can specialize in helping your customers implement SkyPlanner. We will give you all our support and, if necessary, we can also come and help you with a product demonstration.

You will learn how to sell and present SkyPlanner, and we will help you. We have an attractive commission model for resellers, and selling SkyPlanner is financially profitable. So don’t hesitate to contact us, and let’s discuss further cooperation!

Software vendors and production consultants
Production machine manufacturers

Production machine manufacturers

Software is often sold with production machines, which means that production machine manufacturers receive additional revenue from the sale. With AI, you can schedule your work more optimally and make the production machines you manufacture more efficient and profitable for your customers. Naturally, this increases the size and volume of orders. With integration, we can transport data between SkyPlanner and the production machine. Let’s productize the whole package together into an easy-to-sell box. If you want to bring AI to your production machines, don’t hesitate to contact us, and let’s discuss further how we can work together!

Software Integrators

SkyPlanner includes excellent and modern interfaces. The interface allows SkyPlanner to be integrated to work with any ERP system. Production planning integrations are often extensive and need to work well. We are looking for integration companies to partner with us to offer their integration services to our customers.

You also have the opportunity to productize SkyPlanner integrations with ERP systems, and we will help you to sell your integrations. We have more than 20 years of experience in building integrations and therefore have an excellent understanding of your business. We know how to make interfaces that the integrator likes. We’ll give you all the help and support you need for your integration projects. So contact us, and let’s talk more about working together!

Software Integrators

Request a meeting to see SkyPlanner APS in action

Request a meeting to see SkyPlanner APS in action

Companies and their processes are never a carbon copy of each other and shouldn’t be. That’s why SkyPlanner APS has endless customization possibilities. Request a meeting to see how SkyPlanner APS would work specifically for your company.

SkyPlanner APS - Request a meeting to see SkyPlanner in action

The benefits of partnership

How SkyPlanner APS helps you achieve business goals and optimizes a factory’s production to become more profitable.

Good support and involvement in product development

We’ll give you all the support you need for your business and customer projects. We will train you as a SkyPlanner expert and support your learning. You will be involved in the development of SkyPlanner and will be able to give your wishes and feedback. We are a flexible and conversational partner with whom you will enjoy developing your customers’ production.


We want you to do the best possible business with SkyPlanner. We help our partners with marketing and inform our customers about the services of our relevant partners. It is teamwork, where everyone has the same goal.

Earn good commissions

As a SkyPlanner partner, you’ll enjoy our great commission models. We want our partners to do excellent business with SkyPlanner. We understand that we succeed when our partners succeed.

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