Solutions to specific problems

Skyplanner APS has an answer to a lot of problems and questions that are common in manufacturing industries. Browse further down to see how SkyPlanner APS can help you.

Solutions based on common problems around a factory

SkyPlanner APS solves the most pivotal problems in a factory’s production process. Below is listed examples of these problems and how SkyPlanner solves these. Arguably you will recognize at least some of these in your own production.

Low utilization rate of production resources

Skyplanner optimizes work load on every work station to maximize their utilization rate.

Products are often shipped late

SkyPlanner forecasts and notices orders that are going to be delayed and helps you react in an optimal manner.

Problems caused by changes in capacity

SkyPlanner APS helps you to react to changes in capacity and adjust your production plan accordingly.

Co-operation issues with sub-contractors

Create a functional Skyplanner eco system with sub-contractors to optimize your supply chain.

Hard to visualize the complete plan

SkyPlanner shows you the complete production plan at a glance. You will always see a relevant view of your production.

Reacting to sudden changes is hard

SkyPlanner APS updates your production plan extremely fast after sudden changes and matches your plan to the situation.

Staff doesn’t have an up-to-date task list

SkyPlanner’s real-time work queue is a distinct way to give production staff their next assignments and to log time on them.

SkyPlanner APS adjusts fine loading during sudden issues with available materials. It reduces problems that are caused by material deliveries.

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Solutions to boost your business

How SkyPlanner APS helps you achieve business goals and optimizes a factory’s production to become more profitable.

Increased performance of production

Resources will be used more efficiently with an optimized production plan and your business will become more profitable.

Increased reliability of delivery

Prioritizing tasks and forecasting issues in production help you deliver orders on time. This will increase customer satisfaction.

Production managers re-focus on other things

As AI is planning your production, production managers can focus on monitoring, development, communication and solving problems.

Higher return of investments

The return of investments from machinery increases when work queues are optimized. It is not sensible to plan an expensive machine’s work queue manually.

Request a meeting to see SkyPlanner APS in action

Request a meeting to see SkyPlanner APS in action

Companies and their processes are never a carbon copy of each other, and they shouldn’t be. That’s why SkyPlanner APS has endless customization possibilities. Request a meeting to see how SkyPlanner APS would work specifically for your company.

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