Customization services

SkyPlanner is fully customizable to meet all your needs through our customization services. SkyPlanner includes a wide range of features and is extensively configurable for different productions and industries even in its basic version without customization.

In addition to configurations, we offer extensive customization services because sometimes our clients want to modify software features or the user interface to their preferences.

SkyPlanner Meets Your Needs

SkyPlanner is developed to be modular, making it highly customizable to meet unique customer needs. Our organization has decades of experience in custom software development and integrations with industrial software and machinery. This allows us to quickly understand your needs, and our experts help you ideate the best solutions.

Getting Started with SkyPlanner Customization

We provide customizations on an hourly billing basis and offer cost estimates upfront to make all costs predictable. Before giving a cost estimate, we usually perform a definition phase during the implementation project to clearly define the unique needs and ensure the accuracy of the cost estimate. It’s beneficial if the customer is well-acquainted with SkyPlanner’s usage and basic features before the customization definition.

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Customization Process Steps


Understanding your production process and needs assessment


Defining customizable features and cost estimation


Customization programming and testing


Implementing customizations in your production

Examples of possible SkyPlanner Customizations

Customized Printouts

SkyPlanner allows the customization of printouts to meet your company’s needs. We can tailor print formats and content, such as production statistics, work orders, and schedules, to match your requirements perfectly. This ensures that all necessary information is clearly presented and easily accessible in print.

Customized Reports

Our reporting tools can be customized to produce exactly the reports your company needs. Whether it’s daily production quantities, efficiency analyses, or cost tracking, SkyPlanner’s customized reports provide clear and accurate information to support decision-making.

Customized CSV Imports

SkyPlanner allows the import of customized CSV files, enabling you to easily and efficiently transfer data using the CSV files generated by your current ERP system. We can customize the import processes to recognize and handle various types of data such as production orders, inventory information, and resource allocations. This eliminates the need for you to customize your CSV files to SkyPlanner’s requirements.

RFID Tag or QR Code Tracking

SkyPlanner can be expanded to support tracking with RFID tags and QR codes, enabling quick and accurate data collection at different stages of the production process. We can customize your system so employees can use RFID tags or QR codes to mark production progress, inventory movements, or the completion of work stages. This reduces the risk of manual errors and improves transparency and real-time tracking of production.

Customized Notifications

We can create automatic notifications and alerts to keep you informed about critical phases and problems of the production process. For example, you can receive real-time alerts about production delays, equipment failures, or schedule changes, allowing you to respond quickly and minimize downtime.

Customized User Roles

SkyPlanner’s interface and permissions can be customized to meet the needs of different user groups. We can define different access levels and views for production managers, planners, and operators, ensuring that each sees only the relevant information and functions. This ensures that members of your organization have access only to the information they are authorized to view.

Customized Production Routings

Every production process is unique, and SkyPlanner allows the customization of production routing to meet your company’s specific requirements. We can tailor your routings to optimize material usage, batch sizes, minimize tool changes, and reroute low quality parts for rework.

MES Data Collection Customizations

SkyPlanner enables the customization of our MES data collection, including adapting the Timer feature to different stages of the production process. This allows the employee’s view to present different questions and collect various types of data, such as quality-related information, according to the requirements of each production stage. We can also gather information on machine and tool breakdowns.

Scheduling Triggers

We can add customized triggers to scheduling that activate under specific conditions and perform various automations. For example, if the stock level of a certain product falls, a scheduling trigger can automatically update production plans to meet the new demand. We can also reschedule defective products into production as needed.

Customer Views

We can add a customer view to your SkyPlanner to show logged-in customers information related to their orders and production status. This increases transparency and improves customer satisfaction by allowing customers to track their orders in real time.

Subcontractor Views

Access for subcontractors can be made to provide important information for monitoring and managing subcontractor work. This facilitates collaboration and ensures that all parties are up-to-date on different stages of the production process.

Quotation Calculation feature

SkyPlanner can assist in quotation calculations by utilizing production data. Customized calculation tools enable the creation of accurate and competitive quotes quickly, improving sales process efficiency and customer satisfaction. We can also make the quotation calculation suggest realistic delivery times based on the current production situation.

Time Tracking

SkyPlanner includes time logging for jobs. We can also add time tracking to the software that monitors employees’ work hours, breaks, and overtime, aiding in payroll processing via integration.

Setup Time Minimization

SkyPlanner’s AI includes the ability to group similar jobs together to minimize the time spent on setups and tool changes. The similarity of jobs can be based on the same product, material, color, size, tool, etc. If needed, we can customize this feature to fit your production needs.

Production Displays

SkyPlanner contains a lot of useful data that you can display on a large TV screen in your production facilities. We can customize production displays to meet your needs and assist with their implementation. This allows you to communicate production status clearly to your production staff.